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Kinashi and Kokubun produces 80% of all matsu(pine) bonsai.

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Matsuda Seishoen bonsai garden
Matsuda Seishoen bonsai garden SHOP CARE
The garden is located in the center of Kinashi, the famous bonsai production area. The percentage of species are 30% Japanese black pine, 30% Japanese white pine, 20% deciduous trees, and 10% azalea.
Ideue Kikkoen bonsai garden
Ideue Kikkoen bonsai garden SHOP CARE
The garden is so close to JR Kinashi station and the shelves are seen from the train. At Ideue Kikkoen, there are many Japanese black pine, Chinese juniper, and Japanese white pine. The main feature of this garden is that the trees on the shelves are arranged by species. In addition, most trees are bunjin and shakan (tree with its trunk standing slanted) style which the owner likes. He is trying to get the beauty in a balance amid disbalance.
Konishi Shorakuen bonsai garden
Konishi Shorakuen bonsai garden SHOP CARE
Konishi Shorakuen is one of the pioneers of export and internet selling. Konishi has exported his products mainly to Europe such as France, Switzerland, and Germany for more than 20 years. He launched his garden's website in 2002 and began selling his products not only in Japan but also to the world through the Internet.
Kandaka Fukushoen bonsai garden
Kandaka Fukushoen bonsai garden SHOP CARE
Kandaka Fukushoen is at the midpoint of the bonsai street running from route 30 to Kinashi Ueki Bonsai Center. At the garden, there is a huge bonsai of Japanese black pine whose height is 125 centimeters and width is 250 centimeters. This is the symbol tree over 200 years old. This tree is popular in customers from China and Taiwan. He transplants it once every 5 years by use of lift.
Kandaka Shojuen bonsai garden
Kandaka Shojuen bonsai garden SHOP CARE
Along the street named "Bonsai street" where you can find many bonsai gardens, there is a sing of "Kandaka Shojuen bonsai garden". In the garden, there is a famous huge pine bonsai named "Dohyo-iri (ring-entering ceremony)" whose lower branches cover a considerable area of ground. The 4th owner, Keiji Kandaka, and the 3rd owner, Fujiyoshi Kandaka, care the garden and the bonsai shelves. They have many kinds of bonsai such as Japanese black pine, Japanese white pine, Cork bark Japanese black pine, and deciduous trees. In addition, Keiji made the corner only for Shohin in his garden. He says, "Middle sized and Shohin bonsai are growing in popularity in the past 10 years."
Nakanishi Chinsho-en bonsai garden
Nakanishi Chinsho-en bonsai garden SHOP CARE
Nakanishi Chinsho-en which is close to JR Kinashi station has been in business for over 100 years. The garden has a beautiful Japanese-style gate so some people think there is a cafe. Walking through the gateway decorated with seasonal bonsai, there is a large space for bonsai shelves. Various sized and species of bonsai are displayed neatly. The fifth owner Yoichi says, "Bonsai shelves are the place to show the good points of each bonsai. It has to be easy to appreciate and take care."
Hiramatsu Shushoen bonsai garden
Hiramatsu Shushoen bonsai garden SHOP CARE
It is said "Hiramatsu Shunshoen bonsai garden" is one of the greatest bonsai gardens in Kokubunji. There are some high-level Japanese black pine, deciduous trees and shohin on the shelves. Some bonsai are exhibited in many exhibitions in Japan. In addition, they have joined every Taikan-ten Exhibition in Kyoto for 27years which is the best exhibition in western part of Japan so they are well-known by the bonsai people of other prefectures.
Yamaji Sanshoen bonsai garden
Yamaji Sanshoen bonsai garden SHOP CARE
A five-minute walk east from JR Hashioka Station in Takamatsu, Yamaji Sanshoen's blue-colored signboard emerges. The garden's second owner, Hiroyoshi Yamaji, is proud of his bonsai shelves which display a rich variety of plants
Hanazawa Myoshun-en bonsai garden
Hanazawa Myoshun-en bonsai garden SHOP CARE
The Hanazawa Myoshun-en bonsai garden, whose motto is ''enjoy the seasons,'' has been cultivating for the last seven years not only the mainstay ''shohaku'' pine trees but also wild grasses and trees.
Hiramatsu Seijuen bonsai garden
Hiramatsu Seijuen bonsai garden SHOP CARE
The Hiramatsu Seijuen bonsai garden, which is something like a branch of the famous Hiramatsu Shunshoen garden, is situated in Takamatsu's Kokubunji area where a number of bonsai gardens and fields are located. Garden owner Kiyoshi Hiramatsu is a bonsai expert with a career of more than 40 years.