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Exhitbition space in the bonsai garden

Guide to Nakanishi Chinsho-en bonsai garden

Nakanishi Chinsho-en which is close to JR Kinashi station has been in business for over 100 years.

The garden has a beautiful Japanese-style gate so some people think there is a cafe. Walking through the gateway decorated with seasonal bonsai, there is a large space for bonsai shelves. Various sized and species of bonsai are displayed neatly. The fifth owner Yoichi says, "Bonsai shelves are the place to show the good points of each bonsai. It has to be easy to appreciate and take care."

He place importance on the hospitality. So there are the tea house and Japanese washbasin near bonsai shelves as a place for a rest. The path covered with gravel and stones are prepared for bad weather and women wearing high heels.

Of course they have high quality of technique. The garden is famous for the standard large sized Japanese black pine. Its dignified style receives a high evaluation. It is said that Teruaki, the fourth owner of this garden is the father of, "Kotobuki," a new variety of Kuromatsu (Japanese black pine). The specie plays a role in the boom of bonsai and many people still like it because of the good shape. In 1993, the Emperor appreciated the Kotobuki in this garden. Teruaki continues to grow the tree carefully.

On the website of the garden, they provide the information about the garden and people working for it to become more familiar and sell bonsai just in time on the internet. Many questions about cultivation and impressions of the garden is posted on the board on that website from all over Japan. Yoichi says, "I hope people who don't know bonsai well to understand its attraction. It is necessary to promote that bonsai is the best to enjoy each season." He is seeking the new way to transmit how to enjoy.

Brief comments from the owner

I hope many people enjoy and understand bonsai. Please feel free to visit here and enjoy the season through bonsai.

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Address 148 Sato, Kinashi-cho, Takamatsu, Kagawa Prefecture, Japan
Telephone and Fax number
Website address (URL)
Owner Yoichi Nakanishi
Born Oct. 28, 1967, Yoichi is the third owner of Nakanishi Chinsho-en bonsai garden