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Guide to Kandaka Shojuen

Along the street named "Bonsai street" where you can find many bonsai gardens, there is a sing of "Kandaka Shojuen bonsai garden". In the garden, there is a famous huge pine bonsai named "Dohyo-iri (ring-entering ceremony)" whose lower branches cover a considerable area of ground. The 4th owner, Keiji Kandaka, and the 3rd owner, Fujiyoshi Kandaka, care the garden and the bonsai shelves. They have many kinds of bonsai such as Japanese black pine, Japanese white pine, Cork bark Japanese black pine, and deciduous trees. In addition, Keiji made the corner only for Shohin in his garden. He says, "Middle sized and Shohin bonsai are growing in popularity in the past 10 years."

Main area in his garden is "Zuiho-den" where some Japanese masterpieces are displayed. It was built in 1975 when the 2nd owner, the late Yoichi Kandaka, was given the Order of the Sacred Treasure, Silver Rays for his service for bonsai promotion. The gate is covered by a pine and there are many bonsai over 200 years old including the Japanese black pine belonged to Okuma Shigenobu and pine tree exhibited in Kokufu-ten exhibition. All masterpieces have met stringent guidelines and some famous people visited to appreciate them.

They sell bonsai trees at the garden and by wholesale, and also have done the catalog mail‐order sale for 50 years. From January in 2009, they launched a garden website and started to sell his products on the Internet. Some reasonable bonsai trees and fine ones are selling in the garden so they post the detailed data of each bonsai for meeting a wide variety of customers' demands. Moreover, they transplant and wire the bonsai after purchase if the customer wishes.

Going ahead the bonsai street, you will find "Kinashi Ueki Bonsai Center." Some bonsai markets are held here several times a year. Keiji says, "On the way to and from the event, some customers visit my garden. Please feel free to visit here and find your best bonsai."

Brief comments from the owner

We have wide selection of bonsai trees in the garden. Please feel free to visit and we are sure you can find your favorite bonsai here.

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Address 428-1 Yamaguchi, Kinashi-cho, Takamatsu, Kagawa Prefecture, Japan
Telephone and Fax number TEL:087-881-2852 (calls from Japan outside Takamatsu)
   81-87-881-2852(calls from outside Japan)
FAX:087-882-7217(from Japan outside Takamatsu)
   81-87-882-7217(from outside Japan)
Website address (URL) URLhttp://www.kinashi-bonsai.com/shojuen/
Owner Keiji Kandaka
Born Nov. 18, 1959, Keiji is the fourth owner of Kandaka Shojuen bonsai garden