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Ideue Kikkoen bonsai garden

Bonsai trees fill shelves at Ideue Kikkoen bonsai garden.

Guide to Ideue Kikkoen

The garden is so close to JR Kinashi station and the shelves are seen from the train. At Ideue Kikkoen, there are many Japanese black pine, Chinese juniper, and Japanese white pine. The main feature of this garden is that the trees on the shelves are arranged by species. In addition, most trees are bunjin and shakan (tree with its trunk standing slanted) style which the owner likes. He is trying to get the beauty in a balance amid disbalance.

The products are sold at the garden, in the exhibition and on a commission basis. He provides the cares such as wiring and adaptation after purchase before customer's face. The unique style and technique are shown to the customers. He has confidence in his technique so he doesn't hide anything. Of course he also cares about bonsai tools.

Compared with other bonsai gardens, there are many Chinese junipers having beautiful Shari (decayed trunk) and Jin (perished branch). He spent his bonsai life for 40 years with Chinese juniper. So now people respectfully call him "Ideue for Chinese juniper." Recently some other gardens start to grow Chinese juniper because of the popularity, but he is the only person who create bonsai from wild material with wiring and making Jin (perished branch) and Shari (decayed trunk).

In a corner of the garden, some wild grasses and trees are displayed which his wife takes care of. It gives us a fresh air within some powerful pines and cypresses.

Brief comments from the owner

The adaptation by wiring is my favorite work. I will demonstrate with not only our product but your own bonsai. Please feel free to visit us.

Information & Map

Address 461-1 Kinashi, Kinashi-cho, Takamatsu, Kagawa Prefecture, Japan
Telephone and FAX number TEL/FAX:087-881-2910 (from Japan outside Takamatsu)
81-87-881-2910 (from outside Japan)
owner Fumio Ideue
Born July 1, 1949, Fumio is the second owner of Ideue Kikkoen bonsai garden