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Guide to Hiramatsu Seijuen

The Hiramatsu Seijuen bonsai garden, which is something like a branch of the famous Hiramatsu Shunshoen garden, is situated in Takamatsu's Kokubunji area where a number of bonsai gardens and fields are located. Garden owner Kiyoshi Hiramatsu is a bonsai expert with a career of more than 40 years. On the garden's bonsai shelves are a number of kuromatsu (Japanese black pine) and akamatsu (Japanese red pine) trees, some of which are more than 100 years old. Visitors will certainly be impressed by the scene. There are many masterpieces that have won prizes at various exhibitions. ''Chuhin'' midsize and ''shohin'' small bonsai pieces and ''zoki'' non-pine trees in containers are also on display at the garden, as are wild tree and grass bonsai pieces that have recently gained popularity. A compact exhibition corner is at the back of the garden where ''giboku'' concrete tree simulators are set up. ''I'd like to develop the appeal of trees and establish bonsai shelves with an elegant atmosphere,'' says Hiramatsu.

Hiramatsu sells his products at his garden and also opens outlets at various events, such as the annual Kokubunji bonsai festival and Green Festa Kokubunji bonsai fair. He provides regular after-sale services to his customers in such aspects as wiring and transplanting. Some customers entrust Hiramatsu's garden to manage their pieces and show them in their most beautiful figures at events. ''Seasonal care is important to enjoy bonsai artwork for a long period of time,'' says Hiramatsu. ''A small touch makes the difference to any bonsai piece.'' Hiramatsu organizes bonsai lecture sessions on request, giving guidance to bonsai lovers ranging from beginners to those at advanced level. Hiramatsu's thoroughgoing after-sale services and technical guidance would certainly help bonsai lovers.

''It is best to find a nice piece within the limits of a budget,'' says Hiramatsu, and there are many products at reasonable prices at his garden. Hiramatsu will look for a product that would satisfy a customer's needs. Customers can consult him at any time.

Brief comments from the owner

I'd like to put my energy into ''chuhin'' midsize and ''shohin'' small bonsai pieces. Don't stay away from bonsai. I would suggest that anyone can enjoy bonsai artwork as a casual interior product. Visitors are always welcome and are treated with great hospitality.

Information & Map

Address 1987-3 Nii, Kokubunji-cho, Takamatsu, Kagawa Prefecture, Japan
Telephone number 087-874-3052 (calls from Japan outside Takamatsu)
81-87-874-3052 (calls from outside Japan)
Owner Kiyoshi Hiramatsu
Born Jan. 17, 1949, Hiramatsu is the founding owner of the Hiramatsu Seijuen bonsai garden