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Bonsai shelves next to the parking area in the garden

Guide to Hiramatsu Shunshoen

It is said "Hiramatsu Shunshoen bonsai garden" is one of the greatest bonsai gardens in Kokubunji. There are some high-level Japanese black pine, deciduous trees and shohin on the shelves. Some bonsai are exhibited in many exhibitions in Japan. In addition, they have joined every Taikan-ten Exhibition in Kyoto for 27years which is the best exhibition in western part of Japan so they are well-known by the bonsai people of other prefectures.

There are huge bonsai fields around the garden. They have various species including Japanese black pine on the shelves. Especially on the shelves next to the parking area, there are some masterpieces. On the roof, there is a space only for Shohin bonsai. They sell their products at the garden, in the exhibition and sale event, and on the website named "Kokubunji Bonsai Hiroba." The fourth owner Koji Hiramatsu said, "I would like everybody to know my bonsai garden."

He takes care of each bonsai carefully to be close to customers' ideal. Of course he can provide the cares for each season after purchase.

The garden has a wide range of products from large-sized fine bonsai to shohin small bonsai which became popular in recent days. There are various species of Shohin in a working place. Each bonsai is small but have each presence. Koji says, "The essence of shohin bonsai is that a small one brews the taste of a large tree. We usually display some shohin bonsai trees together but some people enjoy a tree itself. Products of small size are preferred now due to housing conditions and graying of society."

You can find from reasonable bonsai to fine one at the Shunshoen bonsai garden, which have a long history and great techniques.

Brief comments from the owner

We have a huge bonsai shelves for satisfying your needs. Please feel free to visit us. We offer services after purchase.

Information & Map

Address 2365-2 Nii, Kokubunji-cho, Takamatsu, Kagawa Prefecture, Japan
Telephone number TEL :087-874-0335 (calls from Japan outside Takamatsu)
81-87-874-0335 (calls from outside Japan)
All-Japan Shohin-Bonsai Association Kagawa Kokufu branch office
Owner Koji Hiramatsu
Born December 23, 1967, Koji is the fourth owner of Shunshoen bonsai garden
Board member and Official instructor of All-Japan
Shohin-Bonsai Association