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Guide to Hanazawa Myoshun-en

The Hanazawa Myoshun-en bonsai garden, whose motto is ''enjoy the seasons,'' has been cultivating for the last seven years not only the mainstay ''shohaku'' pine trees but also wild grasses and trees. ''Bonsai plants are harmonious ones, and bonsai is a game played for pleasure to enjoy the four seasons,'' says owner Takahito Hanazawa. ''Wild grasses and trees are adorable and familiar to everyone. They don't need so much handwork in contrast to 'shohaku' pine trees that have to be fully handcrafted. Wild plants have become popular for their attraction as a natural material,'' Hanazawa says.

The owner pays special attention to the combination of bonsai containers and space at his garden. Visitors are impressed by the calculated placement of bonsai containers on shelves intended to lay out the characteristics of each bonsai pot. Also impressive are works by Hanazawa's daughter Michiko who brings a modernistic sensitivity to them. Hanazawa believes that in order to promote bonsai culture a bonsai garden needs to improve its equipment and services and also prepare an environment to satisfy guests. So he established a reception room in his garden that also serves as an exhibition hall, and also created a car park, in the hope that guests will enjoy the bonsai more comfortably through these improved facilities.

Hanazawa offers bonsai lessons to help people enjoy bonsai casually and to increase the number of bonsai lovers. Class participants are given lessons on the key points of bonsai cultivation, such as how to maintain, select, garnish and enjoy bonsai plants.

''I think the foundation of bonsai culture is supported by people who love bonsai and enjoy it casually,'' Hanazawa says. ''I am aware of the importance of marketing, so I'd like to offer products that would make many bonsai lovers want to own them.''

Brief comments from the owner

There are many ways to appreciate bonsai. Bonsai is an expensive activity that is intended to celebrate the season in a room using Japanese plants -- ''shohaku'' pine trees or wild grasses and trees. Bonsai certainly offers pleasure to anyone who acquires a little knowledge of. I hope many bonsai fans will encounter their favorite bonsai piece in a container and enjoy it in a casual way.

Information & Map

Address 748-3 Kinashi, Kinashi-cho, Takamatsu, Kagawa Prefecture, Japan
Telephone and
Fax number
087-881-2847 (calls from Japan outside Takamatsu)
81-87-881-2847 (calls from outside Japan)
Website address (URL) http://www.hanazawa-bonsai.com/
Owner Takahito Hanazawa
Born Sept. 30, 1956, Hanazawa is the third owner of Myoshun-en bonsai garden