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Matsuda Seishoen bonsai garden

Bonsai shelves at the garden

Guide to Matsuda Seishoen

The garden is located in the center of Kinashi, the famous bonsai production area. The percentage of species are 30% Japanese black pine, 30% Japanese white pine, 20% deciduous trees, and 10% azalea.

The main feature is the export business, especially to the United States, started by the last owner. It accounts for more than 70% of the whole business. So they cultivate a wide variety of species and have own atmosphere compared with other bonsai gardens which mainly grows pines and cypresses.

At a part of the garden, there is a greenhouse with net for cultivation of Japanese white pine for export to protect against insects. There are also Iwashide (Carpinus turczaninovii), Chinese juniper, and Umemodoki (Japanese winterberry). He also grows bonsai for Europe outside the greenhouse and takes care to satisfy the customers' needs.

In addition, the level of azalea is also high. He exhibits his bonsai at the Nihon Bonsai Sakufu-ten every year and his azalea bonsai won the first prize, 'Hana Ippai Association Prize' in the 33rd exhibition.

After graduation of Takamatsu National College of Technology, he had been to United Kingdom to learn English for 8months and then transferred to Kagawa University. He is the person of an inquiring turn of mind and has a detailed knowledge of bonsai. He goes to all over the world and knows well about bonsai in abroad. Of course he welcomes visitors from all over the world.

Brief comments from the owner

Bonsai is a unique category in horticulture which presents natural beauty. Bonsai people all over the world have admiration to Japanese bonsai. I hope more Japanese get interested in bonsai and recognize the "living art" which we have to be proud of.

Information & Map

Address 166-2 Sato, Kinashi-cho, Takamatsu, Kagawa Prefecture, Japan
Telephone and FAX number TEL:087-881-2947  (from Japan outside Takamatsu)
    81-87-881-2947 (from outside Japan)
FAX:087-881-0105 (from Japan outside Takamatsu)
    81-87-881-0105 (from outside Japan)
Website address (URL) URLhttp://seishoen.web.infoseek.co.jp/
owner Mitsuo Matsuda
Born March 24, 1972, Mitsuo is the fourth owner of Matsuda Seishoen bonsai garden