The 11th ASPAC Takamatsu 2011

Sunport Takamatsu Main Hall

Date Saturday, November 19
Time from 9:00am to 12:00
Hiroshi Takeyama
Mr. Hiroshi Takeyama

Mr. Takeyama is the owner of Fuyoen Bonsai Garden in Saitama and one of the bonsai artists who is especially skilled in Zoki. He promotes bonsai culture in Japan by appearing on TV and writing books and also participates many bonsai conventions in the world as the Chairman of Nippon Bonsai Association.

In Nippon Bonsai Sakufu Exhibition, he was awarded Mainichi Newspaper Award in Creative Group Planting category and Nippon Bonsai Sakufu Exhibition Organazing Committee Award in Middle-sized Bonsai category.

Theme Group planting of deciduous trees
Yukio Hirose
Mr.Yukio Hirose

Mr. Hirose is the owner of Yamatoen Bonsai Garden in Kanagawa and one of bonsai artists who is especially skilled in Shohin bonsai. He is active to promote Shohin bonsai in Japan and teaches as an instructor in workshops and lectures. He had been awarded the Nippon Bonsai Sakufu Exhibition Organizing Committee Chairman Award twice.

Now he serves as Chairman of All Japan Shohin Bonsai Association.

*We are arranging another demonstrator now. It will be announced on the ASPAC Takamatsu official website as soon as it is available.

Theme Shohin Bonsai

If you would like to attend this lecture, please come to Main Hall directory. Please show your registration card to the staff at the entrance.


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Sunport Hall Takamatsu main hall

Sunport Hall Takamatsu Main Hall

3rd floor, Hall Tower of Takamatsu Symbol Tower
(on the north side from elevator hall)
1500 seats


Sunport Hall Takamatsu
2-1 Sunport, Takamatsu, Kagawa, 760-0019

For inquiries, please call to 81-87-813-1787.

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