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Binomial name: Ilex serrata
Family: Aquifoliaceae
Japanese name: Umemodoki
English name: Japanese Winterberry
Description: Literally, umemodoki in Japanese means mock ume (Japanese apricot) or ume-oid. It is so called because the leaves and branch form of umemodoki look like ume. It bears fruit, but no pollination can be done and no fruit can be produced unless a male tree and a female one are placed alongside each other. The older an umemodoki tree is, the finer the shape of its branches. Growers can enjoy changes in the color of the fruits from September until early the following year. There is a variety of umemodoki species that bear not only red but yellow and white fruits. Attention should be paid to mizugire water shortfalls that could hinder an umemodoki tree from bearing fruit in summer or flowers the following year. Growers need to protect it against strong sunlight in summer and against cold winds or frost in winter. They also need to put up a bird net to protect umemodoki, whose fruits are a great favorite for wild birds.
Viewing season: November

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