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Binomial name: Juniperus rigida
Family: Cupressaceae
Japanese name: Nezu
English name: Needle Juniper or Temple Juniper
Description: Tosho has needles that are sharp and fine enough to sting a rat. It is a dioecious plant and sheds pollen in spring. The seeds are dark purple and used as toshoshi Chinese herbal medicine. In Japan, tosho is seen in sunny places in mountainous, hilly and granitic areas. As a bonsai material, tosho is mostly grown in the chokkan upright style. It is strong and easy to grow, and is suitable for creating jin bleached trunks and shari withered branches. It loves moisture. When the surface of the soil dries up, a sufficient amount of water should be given until the water runs out of the pot bottom. In summer, particular attention must be paid not to cause mizugire water shortfalls. Dryness could cause it to contain such parasites as mites. In such a case, hamizu (moistening leaves with water) is effective. Tosho is relatively sensitive to cold. In winter, it is better to move a tosho tree in a pot to a warm place and protect it against cold winds.
Viewing season: Year round

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