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Binomial name: Cryptomeria japonica
Family: Taxodiaceae
Japanese name: Sugi
English name: Japanese Cedar
Description: Sugi grows in all parts of Japan except Hokkaido. A variety of species have been developed as materials for construction. As bonsai materials, ordinary masugi and yatsufusa dwarf species with fine branches and leaves are popular. As bonsai, sugi is mostly grown in the chokkan upright style. The tree framework can be easily built as leaves come out from branches in a spiral form. Sugi is an evergreen, but the leaves turns brownish in winter. Growers can enjoy fresh green colors in spring. The tree bark falls off after being grown in a container for a long period. As it dislikes dry soil, water-retentive soil should be used and a sufficient amount of water should be given.
Viewing season: Year round

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