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Binomial name: Sabina chinesis
Family: Cupressaceae
Japanese name: Miyama byakushin
English name: Chinese Juniper
Description: Shimpaku is a variant species of miyama byakushin which is a conspecific of ibuki (Chinese Juniper). Shimpaku trees grow wild in alpine areas and coastal regions from Russia's Sakhalin Island in the north to southern Japan's Yakushima Island in the south. The color of its bark is red-brown. Shimpaku produces jin bleached trunks or shari withered branches and offers growers a chance to enjoy a variety of shapes. So, shimpaku is one of the most popular species of bonsai. ''Itoigawa shimpaku'' is notably popular. Itoigawa shimpaku is known for its superb hasho features -- characteristics of leaves, such as colors, forms, ways of coming out, and strength of their growth. Shimpaku needs to be managed in a location of sufficient sunlight and good ventilation. Growers are also required to undertake hamizu (moistening leaves with water) frequently and to keep the air at high humidity.
Viewing season: Year round

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