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Binomial name: Rhododendron indicum
Family: Ericaceae
Japanese name: Satsuki
English name: Macranthum Azalea
Description: Satsuki is the leading species for flower bonsai. The number of satsuki varieties exceeds the 2,000 mark. Satsuki is categorized into five groups - koka which was developed before the 1860s, kyuka developed before the 1910s, chushinka developed before around 1937, shinka developed before around 1961, and saishinka developed later. Satsuki puts forth buds smoothly and extends fine branches. In addition, its trunk grows quickly, so satsuki is popular as a bonsai material. It should be managed in a sunny location with good ventilation. It is better to put satsuki in a shaded but relatively bright location out of rain in the blooming season. In winter, it should be placed under the eaves to protect it against frost.
Viewing season: Late May-June

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