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Growing from cuttings. This is the method used to put part of a plant -- for example branches, leaves or roots -- into the soil to create a new growth. Branches and leaves used are called ''sashiho'' and the soil into which they are planted is called ''sashidoko.'' Using this method, it is possible to raise trees with the same properties as the parent. It is a reliable way to grow trees, unlike jissei (trees and plants grown from seeds) or tsugiki (grafting). Depending on where the cutting is done, sashiki are divided into edazashi and mesashi (branch pruning and bud cutting, respectively). Also, depending on the season, they are referred to as natsusashi (summer sashi) and baiusashi (rainy season) cuttings. Depending on how they are placed in soil, they are also called naname(diagonal)sashi and dango(dumpling)sashi.

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