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Binomial name: Lagerstroemia indica
Family: Lythraceae
Japanese name: Sarusuberi
English name: Crape Myrtle
Description: Sarusuberi, whose flowers remain in bloom for a long time, is called hyakujitsuko which literally means blooming for 100 days. It is a valuable species of tree whose flowers can be enjoyed in midsummer. Some of its flowers are white but are mostly reddish. The trunk surface of sarusuberi is beautiful, and growers can enjoy its deciduous form in winter. It will not bear flowers if it suffers mizugire water shortages between spring and the blooming season. While its flowers are in bloom, mizugire water shortfalls often occur due to heat. As sarusuberi is weak against the cold, its bonsai container should be moved to a place where the temperature will not fall below zero C. Indefinite Hikobae buds often emerge. So growers can allow several such buds to grow and shape the tree into the netsuranari form - a tree whose trunks extend from a single root in a ground-hugging manner. Its trunk surface is prone to injuries. It is better to use scissors, but not wires, to shape the tree form.
Viewing season: July-August

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