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Binomial name: Prunus
Family: Rosaceae
Japanese name: Sakura
English name: Japanese Cherry
Description: Sakura is said to be difficult to cultivate in a container as a bonsai tree. This is because it will die from the cut side after pruning. Growers need to avoid cutting old branches as much as possible. So somei-yoshino (Yoshino cherry) which is most popular among the varieties of sakura species in Japan is not used for bonsai. Fujizakura, also known as mamezakura, and hikanzakura, also called kanhizakura, are used for bonsai as they are relatively tolerant to pruning. The biggest attractions of sakura are its flowers and trunks. Growers need to cultivate it in a container for as long as possible and build up an aged wood surface. As its nebari surface roots develop powerfully and leaves are big, attention is required not to cause mizugire water shortages. But excessive watering causes the tree to fail to bloom. Attention should be paid to protect it against infestation by plant lice that love fresh buds.
Viewing season: March-April

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