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Binomial name: Diospyros rhombifolia
Family: Ebenaceae
Japanese name: Royagaki
English name: Chinese persimmon
Description: Royagaki is a species of persimmon of Chinese origin. After producing lamp-shaped flowers around May, it puts forth sharp-pointed green fruits measuring 2 centimeters in length. Those fruits begin turning red in late September. The red fruits remain in winter after the persimmon tree is stripped of leaves. There is a large individual variation between trees and the forms and colors of fruits differ between trees of the same species. As royagaki is a dioecious plant, breeding is required at flowering time. Artificial pollination is necessary if insects are unavailable. Mizugire water shortfalls in summer cause its fruit to fall. So a sufficient amount of water should be given until the water runs out of the bottom of the pot. Growers need to block sunlight in summer and protect against cold winds and frost in winter.
Viewing season: May for flowers, October for fruits

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