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Pirakansa (Tokiwakanzashi, Piracantha)

Binomial name: Piracantha
Family: Rosaceae
Japanese name: Pirakanta (Tokiwasanzashi)
English name: Firethorn
Description: Pirakansa refers to species that belong to the Pyracantha genus. In the bonsai world, it refers mainly to tokiwasanzashi (Pyracantha angustifolia) and tachibanamodoki (Pyracantha crenulata). Tokiwasanzashi is of West Asian origin and bears mostly reddish fruits while tachibanamodoki is of Chinese origin and has relatively flat, orange-yellow ones. In spring, pirakansa produces small white flowers that measure less than 1 centimeter in length. From the fall to winter, it bears small red or yellow fruits in clusters. In the blooming season, growers need to pay attention not to pour water onto flowers as this will destroy the pollen. It is easy to propagate pirakansa by sashiki cutting or toriki layering techniques.
Viewing season: May-June for flowers, October-January for fruits.

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