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Miyama kaido

Binomial name: Malus sieboldii
Family: Rosaceae
Japanese name: Zumi
English name: Toringo Crab Apple
Description: The name miyama kaido is botanically a collective term for zumi plants. A deciduous shrub, miyama kaido belongs to the rosaceae family and the Malus genus. In Japan, miyama kaido grows wild in mountainous areas from Hokkaido in the north to central Honshu in the south. After bearing single blossoms of white and rose-pink colors in April, its green fruit beautifully turn red and yellow. Miyama kaido bears a lot of fruit and has long since won fame as a bonsai material. As it is prone to rootlets and is pot-bound, transplanting once every two years is necessary. A sufficient amount of water should be given to miyama kaido which loves wet soil, on a routine basis. Notably, mizuyari watering is indispensable in midsummer when its fruits grow.
Viewing season: April-May for flowers, October for fruits

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