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Binomial name: Zelkova serrata
Family: Ulmaceae
Japanese name: Keyaki
English name: Japanese Zelkova
Description: Keyaki is widely used not only for bonsai but for streets and parks. As its trunk is thick and its branches extend fine and wide, keyaki is mainly shaped in a hokidachi broom-style as bonsai. Growers can enjoy keyaki autumn leaves in the fall. Keyaki bonsai trees dry up quickly after new buds come out, so a sufficient amount of water should be given until the water runs out of the pot bottom if the soil surface gets dry. Mizugire water shortages must be avoided. In summer, the use of kanreisha vinyl coverage is effective to intercept strong sunlight, protect against desiccation and prevent hayake leaf burning ahead of the autumn leave season.
Viewing season: Year round (January-February for deciduous trees, May for fresh greens, November for autumn and yellow leaves)

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