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Binomial name: Chaenomeles sinensis
Family: Rosaceae
Japanese name: Karin
English name: Chinese Quince
Description: Karin produces rose-pink flowers. Karin in a pot bears large, yellow fruits of sweet aroma in the fall, just as the garden trees do. Its trunk grows quickly and the trunk surface is beautiful, one of its attractive points. Depending on the species, growers can enjoy pruning of fine leaves and minute branches. Attention must be paid not to cause mizugire water shortages, especially for about two months between the emerging of floral buds and the bearing of fruit. In such a case, the fruit will not grow very large. As karin likes fertilizer, a sufficient amount should be given to promote the bearing of fruit. The tree's growth momentum is so strong that shaping work is comparatively easy.
Viewing season: April-May for flowers, October-January for fruits

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