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Binomial name: Acer
Family: Aceraceae
Japanese name: Kaede
English name: Maple
Description: Of trees that belong to the Acer genus of the Aceraceae family, one whose leaves have three kirekomi notches is called kaede and that which has five deep notches is called momiji in the bonsai world. Among leading kaede species are tokaede (trident maple) and its variant miyasamakaede (Taiwan trident maple), both of which are highly popular. If branch tips are shaped up through yearly metsumi bud trimming and hagari leaf-cutting, growers can enjoy fresh green colors in spring and deciduous style in winter. A sufficient amount of water should be given because its roots grow strongly. Be careful about mizugire water shortfalls. Kaede, which is resistant to heat and cold, can be placed in a sunny location throughout the year. But leaf tips could run dry and leaves could turn brownish under excessively strong sunlight in summer, and this could affect autumn leaves in the fall. So, a kaede bonsai tree should be moved or covered with shade to protect it against strong sunlight.
Viewing season: Year round (January-February for deciduous trees, October-November for autumn leaves)

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