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Binomial name: Ginkgo biloba
Family: Ginkgoaceae
Japanese name: Icho
English name: Ginkgo or Ginkgo biloba, Maidenhair-Tree
Description: Icho is a dioecious plant. The kirekomi notches on the leaves are deep and branches slant upward. In this case it is a male tree. In contrast, no kirekomi notches can be found in the female tree whose branches extend to the right. If a grower wants to get icho fruits, known as ginko nuts, an aged female tree should be selected for cultivation. As icho loves sunlight, growers need to manage it in a sunny location. To fully enjoy yellow leaves in the fall, a potted icho tree should be protected against sunlight in the summer and be placed in a location that can protect it against snow and frost in winter. Icho grows very strongly and extends thick roots throughout the pot, so an annual transplantation is required in early spring to shape up the roots. As thick and hard branches grow fast, icho can in general be shaped through only pruning but not hariganekake wiring.
Viewing season: Year round (May for flowers, November for fruit bearing)

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