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Binomial name: Malus prunifolia
Family: Rosaceae
Japanese name: Himeringo
English name: Chinese Crab Apple
Description: Pretty and pink flower buds appear on a himeringo tree in spring. After a bud comes into flower, white petals will show up. Green fruit will be borne after blooming and will ripen and turn red in the fall. The fruit is not edible. But it is popular for its pretty shape. Most of the Marus genus trees, or the apples, cannot not cross-pollinate, so growers should set out a tree of a separate species, such as miyama kaido (Toringo Crab Apple), alongside a himeringo tree, or conduct artificial pollination, to help it bear fruits. It is best to conduct the artificial pollination at around 10 a.m. as it is widely said that himeringo will never bear fruit through artificial pollination conducted after noon. It is weak against heat. Growers need to block strong sunlight in hot summers between the end of the annual rainy season and the end of August. Full attention should be paid not to cause mizugire water shortages between the budding stage and the fruit-bearing season. Growers should also not pour water onto flowers as this will destroy the pollen.
Viewing season: April-May for flowers, October-November for fruits.

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