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Binomial name: Lespedeza
Family: Fabaceae
Japanese name: Hagi
English name: Bush Clover
Description: Hagi bears lovely butterfly-like flowers. Among various hagi species, Yakushima-hagi and Miyagi-no-hagi are mainly used for bonsai cultivation. Yakushima-hagi, a dwarf variety of hagi, bears rose-pink flowers while Miyagino-hagi, a small-size wild variety, features purplish red flowers. As hagi loves water, a sufficient amount should be given to avoid mizugire water shortfalls. It is relatively weak against the cold. But its branches will not die under sufficient fertilization and it can overwinter indoors without heating. Poor ventilation due to growth of branches could cause the tree to be infested by plant lice. Early disinfestation work is necessary.
Viewing season: June-September

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