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Binomial name (Scientific name): Pinus parviflora
Family: Pinaceae
Japanese name: Goyomatsu
English name: Japanese White Pine (or Japanese Five Needle Pine)
Description: Named after its five short needle clusters. Goyomatsu looks more voluminous than other pine trees. The length and curves of each needle vary. It is also called ''Himekomatsu.'' It is resistant to cold, is evergreen, and is considered to be a symbol of longevity. Goyomatsu has won popularity as a leading species for bonsai because of its strong but relatively slow growth. Goyomatsu should be grown on well-drained soil. Water should be given after the soil surface dries up. It is better to manage goyomatsu in a location of sufficient sunlight and good ventilation. Bonsai lovers favor trees with short, thick and straight needles, such as Shikoku goyo species. Yatsufusa dwarf varieties, such as kokonoe and zuisho, which put forth many buds, are also popular.
Viewing season: Year round

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