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Binomial name: Wisteria floribunda
Family: Fabaceae
Japanese name: Fuji
English name: Japanese Wisteria
Description: Fuji is widely grown as a garden tree. Some varieties, such as Satuma-sakko fuji, Taiwan-sakko fuji, yamafuji, Nodafuji and doyofuji, are suitable for bonsai cultivation. An early bloomer bears flowers in April while a late one does so toward August. The colors of the flowers are purplish or white. As it is weak against cold, a fuji bonsai in a pot should be managed in a muro chamber - a facility to protect against damage from frost, freezing or snow -- in winter. It loves water, so a sufficient amount should be given to avoid mizugire water shortages, particularly in summer. Flower buds stop growing in the event of a slight water shortage.
Viewing season: April-May

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