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Binomial name: Chaenomeles speciosa
Family: Rosaceae
Japanese name: Boke
English name: Japanese Quince
Description: Boke is a deciduous shrubbery species that bears flowers of various colors, such as red, white and pink. An early bloomer is called kamboke and a late bloomer haruboke. Its flower petal is single or double. It is popular for its rich variety of species. Boke grows strongly and is easy to cultivate. As it sprouts many hikobae buds, takan multiple-trunk trees can be grown easily. As it is prone to desiccation, full attention is required not to cause mizugire water shortfalls. Mizuyari watering is often too late in cases of severe desiccation particularly in summer. In such cases, a mixture of leaf mould in the soil is effective to keep the pot soil wet.
Viewing season: February-April

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