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Binomial name: Pinus densiflora
Family: Pinaceae
Japanese name: Akamatsu
English name: Japanese Red Pine (or Japanese Five Needle Pine)
Description: Akamatsu is found in mountainous regions throughout Japan. It is noted for its red bark. Akamatsu has gentle, long and thin leaves as well as a slim trunk. It is called mematsu (female pine) in contrast to kuromatsu (Japanese Black Pine) which is dynamic and called ''omatsu'' (male pine). The trunk surface of an aged akamatsu tree turns reddish, but will not do so easily in a container. Originally, akamatsu grows wild in mountainous regions but not in seaside areas. So it is tolerant of desiccation. A sufficient amount of water should be given at intervals after the soil surface dries up and turns white. Its leaves are long by nature and would grow longer under excessive fertilization and would look ugly. So be careful about over-fertilization.
Viewing season: January-February (Evergreen leaves)

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