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Literally red ball soil, it is a type of earth for bonsai. It is volcanic ash resulting from Mt. Fuji's eruption and is found mainly in the Kanto region. Akadamatsuchi is made from red soil accumulated and combined under layers of black soil, dried up and crushed into particles. Red soil without sand and clay is considered best. Akadamatsuchi in the Sagamihara region of Kanagawa Prefecture is particularly of good quality. It was called akatsuchi and akapoka during the early Showa period (1926-1989) and some people in various places used soil available in areas closer to them. However, akadamatsuchi was distinguished from others such as tamatsuchi (ball soil) as it spread throughout the country due to its easy transportation. Each particle is in a dihedral angle, porous and outstanding in holding water and air circulation. Akadamatsuchi is placed at the bottom of a pot to ensure better drainage. Since it is frequently used for the bulk of bonsai, it constitutes the mainstream of bonsai soil.

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