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Dwarf variety. ''Yasufusa'' refers to a dwarf variety of a tree which will not grow into a large one, unlike an ordinary tree of the same species. Branches and leaves of a ''yatsufusa'' tree are smaller than those of ordinary trees. ''Yatsufusa'' trees are suitable for bonsai cultivation because they send out small branches and leaves. They are also easy to grow and to shape the form of a tree. It is highly valued in the bonsai world. ''Yatsufusa'' trees can be produced through natural crossbreeding or through mutation. Some ''yatsufusa'' trees are artificially produced through grafting or cutting. Among leading ''yatsufusa'' varieties are ''zuisho'' of ''goyomatsu'' (Japanese White Pine), ''Kagoshima yatsufusa'' and ''Yatsufusa tosho'' of ''momiji'' (Japanese Maple), and ''yatsufusa ezomatsu'' (Yezo spruce) trees.

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