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''Hachiutsuri'' refers to compatibility between a tree and a pot and is one of the conditions of good bonsai. One expression is that '''Hachiutsui' is good.'' To say liberally, containers made of ceramics are suitable for ''shohaku'' evergreen trees while glazed ones fit other trees. The shape of a tree is deeply linked with the selection of its pot. A shallow and roundish pot is suitable for a slim and fine tree. A cornered and deep one fits a powerful tree. A square, hexagonal or octagonal ''kahobachi'' pot that tapers off toward the bottom is suitable for trees of ''kengai'' cascade style. A shallow and elliptical pot is suitable for ''kabudachi'' multiple-trunk trees. Growers will be able to find out if the ''hachiutsuri'' is good or not after assessing a number of bonsai products. So, growers should check as many bonsai pieces as possible.

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