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Bonsai tree grown from seed. It refers to planting seeds and cultivating them. This way of cultivation does not require great care and is suitable for beginners. The method is advantageous in that a tree can be grown as a bonsai plant from the start and that its ''nebari'' surface roots develop sufficiently. However, it takes a great deal of time to grow a tree into a finished one, and the method may cause a transubstantiation phenomenon that makes a tree species unstable, disadvantageous points for the ''misho'' cultivation method. The method is applicable for most tree species. Among ''shohaku'' evergreen pines, it is often used for ''goyomatsu'' (Japanese White Pine) and ''kuromatsu'' (Japanese Black Pine) trees. ''Momiji'' (Japanese Maple), ''keyaki'' (Japanese Zelkova), ''kaede'' (Maple) and ''soro'' (Japanese Zelkova) are among ''zoki'' deciduous trees to which the ''misho'' cultivation method is applied.

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