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Wiring. It refers to the work of wiring trunks and branches of a bonsai tree to help shape it. Wiring is said to be most time-consuming and difficult in bonsai-related work but is one of the most important processes in bonsai cultivation. Wiring can shape a bonsai tree faster than ''hasami-zukuri'' scissors work. Use of wires can cause a tree to discharge a plant hormone that promotes putting forth buds. Copper or aluminum wires are used. Wire is used from the bottom up to trunks and branches that need to be shaped. If wiring is too tight, it will bite into the trunk too fast, but if too loose, the trunk will not transform easily, so such work is difficult, often taking no less than one year. Lengthy wiring work, amounting to years, can help a bonsai tree develop true magnificence.

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