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Burning of leaves. It refers to leaf tips running dry or leaves turning brownish or yellow and occurs because water absorbed from the root will not go to the leaves. The phenomenon often occurs from summer to early autumn. Leaves hit by the phenomenon will never be revived. The termination of water provision is the direct cause of the phenomenon. When a tree suffers from a disruption of balance in its water-absorbing and moisture-transpiration abilities, its leaves face trouble in the tissues to bring about such a phenomenon. A sufficient amount of water must therefore be provided to prevent the phenomenon. In addition, the use of a ''kanreisha'' vinyl cover or ''yoshizu'' bamboo blinds is effective in curbing extraordinary moisture transpiration, protecting plants from strong sunlight and preventing ''hayake'' disaster in summer. Special attention should be paid to ''buna'' (Siebold's Beech), ''momiji'' (Japanese Maple), ''himeshara'' (Tall Stewartia) and ''soro'' (Red-leaved hornbeam) trees, all of which are prone to ''hayake.''

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