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Cutting leaves. It refers to the process of cutting leaves off with scissors or other cutting tools, except for leaf stalks. Usually, the work is done from mid-May to mid-June after fresh buds come out and firm up in spring. There are two different styles for the leaf-cutting work. One is to take away the whole leaves, and the other is to partially remove leaves whose growth is too vigorous. The work will be mainly done to remove leaves that grow too large, refresh them, and reduce their size. Small branches will sometimes come out after leaf stalks fall off. So, the leaf-cutting work is also aimed at adjusting plants' growth momentum mainly for leaf bonsai and for some specific species that will help bonsai lovers enjoy the delicacy of fine branches in the winter. Leaf cutting will also adjust the timing of leaves coming out and pave the way for enthusiasts to enjoy more beautiful autumn leaves. As leaves that come out after the leaf-cutting work are usually thin and weak, they are susceptible to diseases, such as powdery mildew. So, anti-disease measures should be taken at an early stage.

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