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Wave of Internationalization : Teach Adaptation and Care in the US

August 29, 2016

 It has been long since the word of "Bonsai" was understood all over the world. Shunshoen bonsai garden in Takamatsu's Kokubunji town has done business with the trader in the United States for over 20 years. Koji Hiramatsu, the 4th generation of the garden and a director of All Nippon Shohin Bonsai Association, visited Texas from April 8 to 20. He teached the adaptation and how to care of Shohin.

Glad Cry to High Skill

 Mr. Michael Hansen puts up a "BONSAI" signboard in his bonsai garden in Austin, Texas. There are many Shohin bonsai trees of Matsu (pine) and Shinpaku (Chinese juniper) got in Japan. He comes to Japan once every two years and visits Shunshoen.

Mr. Hansen's garden with "BONSAI" signboard in Texas.jpg
Mr. Hansen's garden with "BONSAI" signboard in Texas

 Hiramatsu was invited by Mr. Hansen to do demonstration of wiring and trimming of Shohin bonsai and to give advice to fanciers.
 In front of many fanciers, he adapted the normal sized Satsuki (azalea) and Shinpaku for Shohin which is 20 centimeters in height. When he also showed the technique making Shari and Jin, the audience gave a glad cry to the uncommon highly skilled job.
Hiramatsu during the demonstration.jpg
Hiramatsu during the demonstration

Understand Authentic Bonsai

 The history of bonsai in the US. is shorter than that in Japan, China, and Korea. There is also a little bit difference in level. However, as increasing the original tree of the US., now the bonsai culture rises little by little.
 Hiramatsu, who puts his energy into internationalization of bonsai making use of his English ability, is scheduled to go to St. Louis in Missouri to do demonstration in the next spring.
 "It is interesting people in the US. who live in the vast country feel the sensitive taste with bonsai. I think not technique but rather the culture loving bonsai infiltrates among them. I hope them to understand the authentic bonsai in the professional exhibition in Japan.
 Of course, he asked them to participate the Asia-Pacific Bonsai and Suiseki Convention & Exhibition in Takamatsu in the next autumn.

Candy, wife of Mr. Hansen, and Hiramatsu.jpg
Candy, wife of Mr. Hansen, and Hiramatsu (right)

(By Shigeo Hano)

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