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Display Hospitality: Respond to Internationalization

August 29, 2016

 Among many bonsai gardens in Kagawa, Nakanishi Chinshoen bonsai garden in Takamatsu's Kinashi town has the prominent display. There are many displays in the large bonsai shelves, the gate and the entrance approach, and Tokonoma like Japanese-style restaurant and it got much attention from fanciers and bonsai traders. We interviewed Yoichi Nakanishi, 5th generation of the garden, about his belief.

Spaciousness is Important

 He is the Vice President of "Seifu-Kai" many young bonsai artists belong to, and has novel idea. He seeks a display way to express the mind of "Omotenashi (hospitality)" which beginners can enjoy. Recently some foreign fanciers visit his garden so it is necessary to respond to internationalization.
 So he changed the bonsai shelves to show each tree spaciously. First, his father Teruaki, 4th generation and known as a contributor of Kuromatsu Kotobuki, did not agree because of the inefficiency and bad productivity. But he discussed the future direction with his father again and again, and at last he got the understanding. In 2004, the garden was completely remodeled.
 In the Tokonoma "Yugyo-an," all visitors can feel the perfect sense of the seasons. It is used for the summer display with a green maple holding a stone, a hanging scroll of waterfall which was made by a high priest, and a wood carving old man who is watching the scroll.

Large shelves of Nakanishi Chinshoen in Takamatsu's Kinashi town.jpg
Large shelves of Nakanishi Chinshoen in Takamatsu's Kinashi town

Cool summer display of Tokonoma, Yugyo-an.jpg
Cool summer display of Tokonoma, Yugyo-an

Visitors from All Over The World

 All bonsai fanciers from foreign countries visit Chinshoen. It is built into the course of "Machikado Man-yu cho" which walk around the places of interest and historic sites in Takamatsu. Now bonsai growers and tourism officials of Kagawa and Takamatsu are bidding for holding the 11th Asia-Pacific Bonsai and Suiseki Convention & Exhibition in 2011 in Takamatsu. When Mr. Mac Paiman, a leading figure of the convention and the President of the 9th convention, came to Kagawa in last autumn, he praised the display in the garden.

Mr. Paiman visited his garden and Nakanishi.jpg
Mr. Paiman visited his garden (middle) and Nakanishi (left)

(By Shigeo Hano)

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