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Satsuki (2) Many Flowers Bloom in Profusion : Elaborate Great Flowers

June 9, 2016

 Many exhibitons of Satsuki (azalea) was held in Kagawa in late May this year. In all sites, visitors were attracted by many great trees which fanciers took care of. An exhibition, "Kokubunji Satsuki-ten," was held in the library in Kokubunji from 22 to 24 and there were some unique species of sports of bud, flower, and needle.

Enjoy Flower in Autumn

 A tree named "Chojuho" of Tamio Hashimoto in Takamatsu 's Kokubunji town was displayed in the exhibition. It changed the color from red in spring to green and yellow-green in Autumn. It has many unique points such as the small flower having long pistil and stamen, and the thin needles.

Chojuho which is 50 centimeters in height
Chojuho which is 50 centimeters in height

 Hashimoto cultivates the young tree which Kokubunji Satsuki Association distributed to members in 2004 and makes a curve by wire like Bunjin. At the bottom, another young tree comes out and it makes more great atmosphere. He says, "The tree is resistant to cold and has the powerful branches. So it is hard to keep the thinness for the attraction of Bunjingi."

Edakawari and Ishitsuki

 "Hakurin" is a sport of bud of "Korin" which has the beautiful vivid pink flowers. Yoshifumi Onishi in Kokubunji has cultivated it for 15 years. It has good Nebari and the standing point of trunk makes a powerful atmosphere.

Hakurin which is 65 centimeters in height
Hakurin which is 65 centimeters in height

 One of the attractions is Kenben which the tip of flower becomes pointed. A tree has the both flowers of pale pink and white. The color selection of flower depends on each branch. Onishi says, "It is the greatest attraction of the tree because it is beyond the reach of humans."

 Yoshikazu Ishikawa in Toyonaka town in Mitoyo displayed "Yata no Kagami" which is a Neagari tree holding a stone. The tree has unique variegation flowers of red, pale pink, Teihaku (the flower becomes white at the bottom), Bokashi (the different color of the tip), and Muji (a single color).

Yata no Kagami which is 65 centimeters in height
Yata no Kagami which is 65 centimeters in height

 First, he made the Neagari and then added the stone. He has developed the dignity for 30 years. "It is most difficult for me to keep the size. I don't want it to be big." He has displayed his trees in all Kokubunji Satsuki exhibition for 23 times.
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