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New Year of famous garden: Family care bonsai as usual

January 27, 2012

 "Kandaka Shojuen bonsai garden" is one of the famous bonsai gardens in Takamatsu's Kinashi town. Fujiyoshi Kandaka, the third owner, and Keiji Kandaka, the fourth, take care of it. At the garden, there is a famous Japanese black pine named "Dohyo-iri (ring-entering ceremony)" and an exhibition area named "Zuiho-den" where some Japanese masterpieces are displayed. They worked for bonsai as usual on New Years Day.

At "Zuiho-den," there are many masterpieces.

Distinctive character

The branches of "Dohyo-iri (ring-entering ceremony)" stretch 7 meters from east to west and 12 meters from north to south. All visitors are overwhelmed by its presence. However it is not bonsai because it grows on the ground, its shape which received much care from Kandaka family is very impressive as largest picture scroll.

"Dohyo-iri (ring-entering ceremony)" in Kandaka Shojuen bonsai garden has gained its character.

 When Fujiyoshi got the tree from a family of pedigree in Takuma town (present-day Mitoyo city) over 40 years ago, he brought it back by a small truck. It was grown in an island in Seto Inland Sea and is said to be about over 250 years old. He spent a lot of time for care such as fertilization, sterilization, and Metsumi (pinching buds off). So the tree is growing vigorously.

 During Asia-Pacific Bonsai and Suiseki Convention & Exhibition in Takamatsu (ASPAC Takamatsu), many fanciers from abroad visited this garden. At first some people thought "Dohyo-iri (ring-entering ceremony)" as a gathering of seedlings but then they realized it was a tree and exclaimed in admiration.

Masterpieces in good condition

 "Zuiho-den" was built by Fujiyoshi in 1975 when the 2nd owner, the late Yoichi Kandaka, was given the Order of the Sacred Treasure, Silver Rays for his service for bonsai promotion. About 45 fine trees are displayed here featuring pine trees.

 There are some masterpieces such as the Japanese black pine belonged to Okuma Shigenobu, the cork bark Japanese black pine "Suehiro" exhibited in the 45th Kokufu-ten exhibition, and the Japanese black pine which was exhibited at the celebration of conferment. Each tree has good memories for Fujiyoshi. He also remembers the place where he bought and the cares for the trees.

Fujiyoshi Kandaka is taking care of the Japanese black pine belonged to Okuma Shigenobu.
Fujiyoshi Kandaka is taking care of the Japanese black pine belonged to Okuma Shigenobu.

 True to the maxim that there is no side for masterpieces, the trees in "Zuiho-den" can be appreciated from every direction. This is because Kandaka family turn trees around according to the season and the sunlight to keep the needles green. The trees in "Zuiho-den" tell us how important the daily care is.
(By Shigeo Hano)


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