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Goyomatsu(Japanese White Pine)(5)Create a new market  Using Internet to the world

April 26, 2010

Konishi Yukihiko, 66 years old, third owner of Konishi Shorakuen Bonsai Garden in Kinashi town, is the head of the Nippon Bonsai Association's Kinashi branch organized by bonsai growers in Japan. Once he was famous for his Nishikimatsu (cork bark Japanese black pine) bonsai and now he tries to create the market of export and online shopping of Goyomatsu (Japanese white pine).

Konishi Yukihiko wires Goyomatsu (Japanese white pine)
Konishi Yukihiko wires Goyomatsu (Japanese white pine) at Konishi Shorakuen bonsai garden in Takamatsu's Kinashi town

Exports bonsai to Europe

While Yamaji Hiroyoshi, in the last article, exports his bonsai to North America mainly, Konishi exports bonsai to France, Switzerland, and Germany in Europe.

Konishi began to export about 20 years ago. However many bonsai growers in Kinashi town began to export in those days, only 4 growers still continue to export.

It was caused by burdensome procedures which are complicated year by year.

Konishi had twice been to Tours city in France, sister city of Takamatsu, and given the demonstrations of bonsai technique. Encouraged by the gardening boom, bonsai is so popular in Europe. People were amazed by his delicate techniques of Hariganekake (wiring) and Sentei (planning and trimming). The word 'BONSAI' is also known there. Compared with Japan, Europeans like higher trees than Japanese which is about 2 meters and can be used for garden trees.

The pine tree for export has tag of Customs.
The pine tree for export has tag of Customs.

Join the '47 Club'

Konishi joins a website named '47 club'. It is the website concerning about famous local products and local specialties managed by 47 local newspapers. He is the only one bonsai grower in Kagawa who joins this website and tries to sell his bonsai through the Internet.

Konishi had made his own website since 2002, and tried to create a new market. So he didn't hesitate to join the 47 club. Konishi says, 'I never think I can sell easily. I want to work hard on this modern sales system.'

Konishi has a good partner. His son, Yasuo, left his company a few years ago and followed as forth owner. In addition to pine trees, Yasuo grows blueberries and olives and makes an effort to new business by using the Internet that he is good at.
(By Shigeo Hano)


chuck kingMay 30, 2010 2:10 PM

Hello, do you ship goyo-matsu to the usa? I hope so..
Please let me know what I need to do..Thanks, chuck king

Scott HoranJune 1, 2010 9:44 PM

Interested to find out if you ship goyo-matsu to the US.
Trying to find a good goyo-matsu.
Thanks for your time,

Scott Horan

chuck kingNovember 24, 2010 12:52 PM

Hello. I am writing to you again for information on importing goyomatsu into the U.S. I have a permit to bring the plants in, but I don't know where to buy what I'm looking for ...Please e-mail me and lets discuss more...Thanks, chuck king

Shane hillAugust 13, 2011 1:06 AM

Hello I am interested in importing black and white pine seeds of all different variety in to the uk can anyone help me please or give me a contact.

Many thanks

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